Gluttons for Punishment?

Is this a sign of things to come? The second racing day of the season was only slightly less windy than the first. Steve Hunt took Kayla out in the RS400 to see if she still likes it before changing fleet from the lark. Just as well she’s used to capsizing as, yes, they ended up in the water again, and her shorty didn’t afford any protection to those knees, which had quite a glow when she returned to shore.

Racing was slightly delayed while various sailors plucked up the courage to put up sails and get on the water. William and Elaine opted for afternoon tea with Bridget! Mike Fairlamb had competition (in the nicest sense of the word) in the GPs from the Hodgkins boys, although they tried their best to catch him up, the odd couple of capsizes did not help them and they retired.

Robbie D and Toggle took the lead in the handicap fleet, but Steve and Ruth pulled through to finish with a good lead. Roy took Kayla for her second swim of the day – what would her knees be like now? Scumper jack went out to play in the second race with Phil Hodgkins, and they were to capsize before the start. Robbie D led the first beat but capsized just before the leeward mark. Although Steve was second at that stage, it was to be Scumper that led the following beat. An early gybe on to a gust just after the windward mark seemed to be a good move, but the gust strangthened, they didn’t sit back, and went swimming. Again, Steve held second place while Robbie D took the lead! The final result was Robbie D, Scumper and Steve.

Sunday was not so pleasant – wet, cold and generally windless! The wind seemed to fill in before the start but by the end of the first beat it had faded to a drifter. Scumper took an early lead but Robin pulled through on the final run to win by a smidgen. In the GPs, Lyn and David Lawson made a triumphant return, winning the morning race. The afternoon pennant, which was held in drifting conditions for the first hour to the windward mark, but when rounding for the return home, the wind swung back to the north and started to fill in. William and Jonathan had secured a small lead by the windward mark, but nowhere near sufficient to win on handicap, and the change of wind direction did nothing to help them out. Nigel and Cecile, in a GP, won overall when the results were calculated on a personal handicap basis.


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2 Pts
 1    1072  R DAWSON      RS400        2   1   3
 2    1210  S HUNT        RS400        1   3   4
 3    1049  M SOMERVILLE  RS400      DNS   2   7
 4    2324  R BLACKBURN   LARK       RTD DNS   9

                     Points for RTD =  4   4
                     Points for DSQ =  4   4
                     Points for DNS =  5

 2 races to count

PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1 Pts
 1    2324  R BLACKBURN   LARK         1   1
 2    1072  R DAWSON      RS400        2   2
 3    1049  M SOMERVILLE  RS400        3   3
 4  130579  S HALL        LASER RADI   4   4
 5     937  W CARRUTHERS  RS400        5   5

                     Points for RTD =  6
                     Points for DSQ =  6
                     Points for DNS =  6

 1 races to count

PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1 Pts
 1   13885  M FAIRLAMB    GP           1   1
 2  213142  R HODGKINS    RS400      RTD   3
 3   13655  N LEWIS       GP          OD   3

                     Points for RTD =  3
                     Points for DSQ =  3
                     Points for DNS =  4

 1 races to count

PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1 Pts
 1   13176  D LAWSON      GP           1   1
 2   13885  M FAIRLAMB    GP           2   2
 3   13733  A HODGKINS    GP           3   3
 4   13874  J TELFORD     GP          OD   3
 5   13655  N LEWIS       GP           4   4

                     Points for RTD =  5
                     Points for DSQ =  5
                     Points for DNS =  6

 1 races to count

PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1 Pts
 1   13655  N LEWIS       GP           1   1
 2   13176  D LAWSON      GP           2   2
 3     937  W CARRUTHERS  RS400        3   3

                     Points for RTD =  4
                     Points for DSQ =  4
                     Points for DNS =  4

 1 races to count