Let the Racing Commence

You’ll note from the activity on the webcam that something’s afoot. Yes many people have been enjoying the mild weather and getting their boats ready for the off. Ginge couldn’t wait and so went out in his laser, and then again in the GP. He was very nearly the first to capsize this season as well (but didn’t)

Steve is excitedly waiting for his new boat, but was disturbed when watching the CCTV to note his camper van being driven off! He ran off in a panic only to discover that it was just a similar van to his.

As for the racing, deputy official starter Pete Nuttall had got up early out of his bed and wasn’t going to hang around for any namby pamby sailors deciding whether they should go out to sail. The fact that it was honking seemed to have nothing to with anything!. Pete declared that racing would start at 11.30 and he went out with OD Mik Chappell to get things going. There was a flurry of activity as five boats prepared themselves for the first race of the season. Bridget turned up in her Sunday best, only to find a cup of tea was the preferred option. William was easily tempted to join her so they could watch how things progressed. Roy and Kayla were the first to go in their lark (having opted not to try out an RS400), Ian Macpherson followed in his laser, and then Toggle and Robbie D ventured out in an RS400 followed by Steve and Ruth. It was noticeable that the wind had increased because spectators could see white horses looking down wind! As they approached the start line, there was the first capsize of the day – Toggle blamed it on the centreboard coming up! Although they managed to right the boat, they went in several more times and ended up being towed ashore. Steve and Ruth went swimming as well, they also struggled to right the boat but, with a little help, they were back in the boat and sailing home. Ian and Roy had already seen sense and returned home. If racing had commenced at 1130 UTC (not BST), it would still have been windy, but things were somewhat more manageable. Such is life

Perhaps racing will start next week?!