Hat Overboard!

After a cool day on the water yesterday when Kayla got unusually cold, she opted to wear a hat today. However, Hat Overboard was the call as her hat blew off and she couldn’t catch it, but Mike cooly went about to pick it up. Even though he had already secured the series by winning the morning race, he didn’t lose enough ground for Tim to pass him. Perhaps it was the two pieces of cake that Mike had scoffed at lunch that got him off to a slow start and he had to catch Tim. For Tim’s crew Claire Duncan, it was her first bit of racing and they walked away with two 2nds.

Meanwhile husband Alistair tried his hand in a GP and got a 3rd and a 1st, to finish 3rd overall. Dave and Lynn had continued their winning ways to take their 3rd win in the morning race and the series.

Mik Chappell took the glory back from Toddy (yesterday was the first time he’d headed the leader board this season!), with two wins to take the series from Alan Waugh.

Back on the water from paternity leave, Scumper took two 1sts from Neil and Judith. However, although Sam couldn’t sail as he was OD, his 3 OD points enabled him to win the series, with Toggle finishing 2nd.