He Who is Last…

Saturday racing started with another race in the Celebrity Glass Pursuit. The winds were lighter than forecast, but freshened as the afternoon went on. Ethan was first to start in his Topper, and had several capsizes before, and during, the race diminishing his 8 min lead that he had on the GPs. 40 mins into the race Steve/Ruth in their Merlin, who had started last on the staggered starts, had a clear lead from the F15s who had been 2nd last to start. This win puts gives them a narrow lead in the series from Mike/Kayla who finished 2nd.

The wind freshened for the 2nd race and again there were numerous capsizes. The wind swung more towards the South for a while allowing Sale Fell to cast a shadow on the course and creating some lighter spots, but Steve/Ruth mastered the conditions to win the handicap race from Peter Ballard in his Supernova. Scumper, presently taking part in the Vareo Nationals, still leads the series.

Mike/Kayla led the F15s for the whole race and leads the series. Both GPs capsized in their race, but Ken stayed dry and quickly righted their boat to sail one more lap and win the race, maintaining their lead in the series. Nigel Lewis was not as nimble, got his mast stuck in the mud, and subsequently retired.