Holiday Monday

The wind did eventually abate encouraging the Catapults to venture on to the water to hopefully get three races in of their Northern Championships. Their first race was started early at 10.30hrs and the conditions encouraged some club boats to take to the water also, but the squalls set in as they were rigging sails. The onshore breeze made it difficult to launch and William and Alistair ended up in the reeds (to the delight of certain onlookers!). Some just couldn’t decide whether the conditions were suitable and their sails went up and down like yoyos!

Toggle was determined to send the fleet to Scarness as there was wind there, but it meant sailing in the shadow of Skiddaw. Apart from that aspect of the course, the winds had increased such that the Northern bay was again filled with white horses. There were various capsizes, and Mike Fairlamb’s rudder blade sheared off.

The Catapults stayed on the water for their third and final race and there were numerous spectacular capsizes, one of which was by race leader Paul Ellis that allowed Gareth Ede to take the lead and  the championship title. At the prize giving it was noted that the Catapults had enjoyed their visit last year, but would have liked a bit more wind, which is exactly what they got!

Winner Gareth Ede receiving Northern Championship trophy
from the Commodore’s wife, Claire Kirkpatrick

Although there was a bit of a lull over lunch, the wind again increased by the time the second race was scheduled to start resulted in just five starters. With winners of the first race, Mr and Mrs Bean, retiring Scumper’s win by 30 secs from Sam Hall gave him the series with Sam 2nd.

Fortunately there was glorious weather all over the weekend while sailors waited for the wind to ease. The max gusts passing through were 50mph, and the minimum rarely dipped below 20mph!