It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

That was the sentiment at the start of the final weekend series towards this year’s championships. However, on a cold, wet Saturday, with a feeble wind, the turnout was down to a few hardy sailors. In the handicap fleet, Steve Hunt would re-appear at the top of the championship table so long as he won or Neil Currie didn’t secure 15 points from the series, and Robin Dawson didn’t secure 16 points. With a low turn-out on Saturday, and a poor wind forecast for Sunday, Steve’s took the championship again, but may well have to work harder for it next year!

The Mirror fleet turned out in force (three boats!) to enter what was to be only the second championship series of the year. Rob, or was it Tim, Smith held out on Saturday to win both races from Mike Chappell – But what would Sunday bring?

The GP fleet thought better of it this weekend as there was no opportunity to catch and overtake sailing secretary Hugh Godfrey’s lead in the championship. As for the Flying 15s, they seem to have burnt themselves out and packed up for the rest of the season – perhaps they’re saving themselves for next year?