May Day Bank Holiday 2016

IMG_2901IMG_2891There’s a busy weekend ahead as, in addition to club racing, we are holding the RS Tera Northerns and a Catapult open.

Busy is an understatement – a fleet of 35 Teras sailed two races, then club racing took place including a fleet of 10 Catapults, followed by another two races for the Teras. Six hours on the water for the committee boat crew – no mean feat, especially for Herb (though Tog needed a comfort break)!

IMG_2920Although there were shifts (as ever), and Mike/Kayla would say some major shifts that enabled Ian/Lezli-Ann to move from last to 1st in a single leg (while Angus slipped from 1st  to last),fortunately, and amazingly, the general direction remained steady enough to maintain the same start line and beat all afternoon.

IMG_3010There were eight clean starts in the Teras (can’t say the same for the club boats), and some occasional capsizes, but there was some good racing on a dry, but cool afternoon.

Ripon sailors are topping the results overnight with Oliver Kent leading the Tera Pro fleet and Ellie Clark leading the Tera Sport fleet. [Clark and Kent – Superman effect?!]

Two more races were scheduled for Sunday, but gusting winds continued throughout the morning, even after a two hour postponement, so racing was cancelled and Saturday’s results became the final outturn.

Latest MG etc Series

Tera Pro winner Oliver Kent
Tera Sport winner Ellie Clark

Tera final results

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After a lay day on Sunday due to strong winds, Monday’s forecast was not promising. However, despite a wet and windy start to the day, the wind eased, the rain stopped, and the sun forced its way through the clouds, so enthusiasm was higher, and racing got underway.

Five Catapults took to the water, and Gareth Ede led the way to win the final race of their open with three straight wins.

Small fleets of handicap and GPs raced for the May Holiday and Lyne Tankard trophies. There were a few capsizes, and Mike Fairlamb retired through gear failure in his Streaker, but they were glad to be back on the water, albeit in shifty and blustery conditions.

Although conditions were still sailable, there was no drive to return to the water after lunch, so the series were concluded with just one race to count, and the honours going to Scumper/Joe in the handicap fleet and Dave/Lynn in the GPs.

Final results MG etc Series

Winner Gareth Ede with Sailing Sec Joe Roberts

Catapult Final results

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