More Sunshine

With such brilliant weather forecast, sun and clear skies, it was surprising that we would have a breeze as well. The breeze was coming from two directions, the North, and the West (the start of a sea breeze perhaps?). These two wind streams fought each other all afternoon, and it was the sailors that ended up being piggy in the middle as the area of least wind was generally on the main beat of the course! The challenge was to decide which wind stream to pick, and it was that challenge that defeated some, and awarded others.

There being no contenders for the Asymmetric Cup, all boats were competing in a MJM Series on a fleet handicap basis. The light airs and holes of the first lap bunched many of the boats together. Although Banter Phil in his 100 worked through to the front of the fleet, with Ian/Lezli-Ann not far behind in a F15, in both races the honours went to Joan/Jack in a GP in the first race and Dave Lawson in a Laser in the second.

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Sunday morning started with the lake as a mill pond, but the forecast breeze came in from the SW in plenty of time for racing. There was some tight reaches to test who could/would fly their spinnakers, and some broader reaches to take advantage of the good planing conditions. Although the gusts were not as severe as expected, the third lap of the course took its toll on many sailing, and they were glad of the lunch break. The windier conditions suited Mike/Kayla over Ian/Lezli-Ann in the F15s, Joan/Jack beat Alan/Sue in the GPs, while Joe took the honours in the handicap fleet in his Laser from Steve/Ruth in their Merlin.

The afternoon race was the first pennant of the season in aid of the Eric Twiname Trust, and took the fleet to the bottom end of the lake. There was a slight malfunction in the starting procedure, mainly due to distraction, but a temporary postponement soon had everything back on track! With the wind blowing across Sale Fell, sailors had to contend with the varied conditions caused by the down-draughts including holes, major headers, and gusting conditions. Some of the heavy gusts caused multiple capsizes, and Jim/Poppy had a capsize which they struggled to recover from, but all was well in the end.

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Eric Twiname Trust Pennant