More Thomas’ Twitters

Apologies to those not captured on film! (Think yourselves lucky 🙂

Nigel pressure washes the grime from the floods away in the boat house Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Spin doctor
Do they know what they are doing? Lynn looks about to saw her arm off . Surely Dave’s not that bad to sail with
Toggle trying to find out how lonng is a piece of string Scumper the big boss man keeps his eye on his men
Some of the hard workers deserve a well earned snack Galley slaves
Not doing exercises just preparing banners for Bass week. Graffiti artists at work
All hands on deck as the boats are prepared So that’s where the ex treasurer has the pot of gold
Hiding the oppositions boats so that they can’t win Grafting hard
Just two of the hard working foot soldiers putting in a lot of effort.