Naked Cleaner!

At last, the sunny weather has found its way through the clouds, and brought along with it some wind to keep the boats moving most of the time (at least). At times, there were some gusts that allowed the boats to plane, but with no capsizes the rescue crews were able to concentrate more on the sunbathing rather rescuing! In the evening there was a quiz to test if anyone was still alert. Despite a slight error in adding up Neil Currie and Co still came out on top with 53/70. There were many red faces in the evening, but we’ll assume that was down to the sun rather than the cocktails, wine, lager, etc, etc!

Big E is still getting to grips with driving a laser – on Saturday his attempts to launch were interesting, as co-ordinating putting down the rudder, and centreboard, pulling in the sails, and avoiding obstacles such as the jetty seemed beyond him for some moments! He’s a clever lad, so no doubt he’ll catch on quick. He reckons he doesn’t want to upset Toggle by beating him too soon – although he’s kept his word to date, how long will that last?

Rule books were out at lunchtime when Dave Nic protested Ginge, but it came to nothing when it was thrown out for failing to comply with the required process (sounds interesting, but it wasn’t really)

Life on the campsite is as interesting as ever, with a naked cleaner pressure washing the gents toilet walls (only due to mould nothing more nasty!). Squatters were noted taking over spare caravans and tents, and became known as the borrowers for all the bits ‘n’ pieces that they acquired for their stay. Shunty was awarded a new nickname for the delayed pick up of various conversations – welcome Digi Steve.

Reason # 69: As I don’t like Baileys I’ll never have one of them!!