New Boats Launched

Two new boats were launched this weekend. First there was our new RIB, named Christopher Graham after our rescue crewman that was tragically killed in a car accident. Secondly, Mike Moore launched his new F15 and named it Highwayman in honour of his father Denis (Monty Python fans may suss out the link). Mike got off to a flying start in the first race, only to have Kayla lying on the foredeck fixing something just after clearing the start line. It did not slow them enough to let Ian and Lezli-Ann passed though, and Mike went on to win the race. Ian had the best start in the second race, but Mike got through and again won. How long will this unbeaten record last?
In the handicap fleet, Alex and Olivia led the fleet in their RS200, and despite the best efforts of Robbie D and Scumper to break through in their Vareos, they went on to win both races, with Scumper and Robbie D each securing a 2nd and 3rd each. Toggle and Jo took 4th and 5th in both races.

In the GPs, Mike and Eric’s early lead was thwarted by David and Lynn who also won both races.

After some close racing, Mik and Alan shared the honours with a 1st and 2nd each in the Mirror fleet.

Racing Underway

Spring is here, the clocks have changed to British Summer Time, the sun was shining, sailors were eager to get on the water, but there was no wind, just the glorious sight of the mirror-like lake.

Lunch came and went, and things still did not look hopeful, but just as the clock struck two, a sea breeze rapidly covered the lake enabling the first race of the season to get underway. 10 boats made it to the start on time, but there were two that lagged behind – Scumper and Toggle!

Steve and Ruth took an early lead, but with changing wind conditions there was some hot competition from Robbie D, Joan and Jack Hardie, and Dave and Lynn Lawson. Rather than curtail racing after half an hour when Ethan Dawson had completed his first lap, the OD opted to allow him to sail on for another lap. Unfortunately, towards the end of the hour, the wind eased and slowed down the pace considerably which led to 4 retirements.

Steve regained sufficient lead to win the race by  2½ mins from Dave , with Joan 3rd and Tim/Ian in a F15 4th. Scumper continued to the end, catching up much ground to finish 5th.

With light winds, and a late start, there was no further racing so the results stand for the overall series.

More of the same next week is the present forecast, but there’s plenty of time for that to change!