Night Jar 13 – 18 July 19

It nearly didn’t happen!  Only Bass member Mark Hunt turned in for safety but Neil saved the day giving up his Laser sail to drive the Rib.  They successfully dealt with John capsizing his Solo on the way to the start and a later long inversion of Steve & Simon’s L2000.

There was a good entry of 17 boats for this round despite it being overcast with a threat of rain. The wind was WSW 3-4 and the OD set 0-1-5-4 which was long for a Thursday but ok in the prevailing conditions.

The first leg saw the usual group pull away and continue their lead positions during a short mid-race shower.  But, as the rain stopped so did the wind!  James & Jenny were left with none at 0 and dropped from first to fourth after which they retired to the Clubhouse.  Val & Ken profited most moving up to have a tight battle with Mike & Eric. John and Rory in their Solos were also in the group and Nigel & Glenys’s GP not far astern.

The lack of any usable wind also created a problem for the OD (and for Sazzie / Hazel on food who kept asking when crews would be ashore!).  It was decided to shorten immediately although some boats including Joe Blease’s Radial had drifted across the line before Flag S was hoisted. Richard Hughes’ Radial got three successive hoots – two for shortening and the third for a finish!

More by luck than judgement wind came back and all had finished within the hour.