Night Jar

Courtesy Andrew Sugden
This season’s Night Jar is now underway. It looks as though racing finished just in time to enjoy this rainbow without the rain!

We had everything for the first Thursday evening. A flight of four engine aircraft at minimum height, a spectacular rainbow, a chilly NW wind and, eventually, some rain. Oh, and 12 boats out on the lake, one crewed by a national champion!

The OD’s course was 0-B-9-A which gave three kite legs. This suited the Geeps although it was Neil’s Radial which made the initial impression shadowing Andy Smith / Andy Tunnicliffe and copying their tactics. Chefs for the evening AJ / Sue were also well up but both they and Neil eventually dropped back allowing the GP trio of Mike / Eric, Joan / Jack, Val / Ken through. Paul’s Laser was next up followed by Jon Anson – in a ff no less with Kayla crewing a few seconds ahead of Jim and Poppy in the Wanderer.

A battered and bruised John capsized his Pico but gamely continued to finish on 2 laps. Then came Bob Gate in his Radial who was well into a third lap before he realised he had finished, and Steve / Simon in the L2000.

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