Night Jar 4

Nothing could have been clearer. The wind immediately before the start of the race on Thursday evening was coming in from the NE. Forecasts, turbines and burgees clearly said so. OD Ian Macpherson was satisfied and set the start line after 0 with a course of 4-1-9-0.

Eleven boats beat out to the start line and the six minute signal was sounded. What happened? The wind swung 180 to SW! So it was off to go with kites flying: at least for a while. The light breeze progressively dropped and by 9 it had died completely. The OD considered finishing at the end of lap 1 but only twenty minutes had been sailed.

Then the wind kicked in again at 0 and from the original direction so lap two was as planned. Neil & Judith Currie’s 400 led over the line from Joan & Jack Hardie’s 200 and Joe Watkins’ 300. RS rules! Then it was Dave and Lynn Lawson’s GP and Tim Knowles / Martin Statter in the first of the Fifteens.

Mike Fairlamb in the Streaker, who was well down the finishing order, was optimistic that he had done ok on FH. But who knows? Results were delayed as the Bates Driver’s calculator had packed in!

Latest results (PH) (FH)