Night Jar 7

Most competitors agreed that this was the best NJ round to date. There was sunshine, a constant f4 wind and a superb course which made the most of it. The beat was 4-0 followed by four kite legs 0-9-1-3-4.

There was even an inadvertent sting in the tail as the port end start line pin was exactly upwind of 4 and a number of boats ended up head to wind when making for it. The favoured option was to harden up around 4 and tack back through the line at the last moment.

There were 22 starters including 9 Toppers. The 200 of Joan & Jack Hardie broke away at the start followed by the GP of Dave Lawson / Ken Bell and Jim Christie in his Supernova. Next up were the FF of Chris & Julie Rolle and the Radial of Ethan Dawson.

As the race moved into its third lap Dave & Ken pulled out all the stops with some spectacular three sail planing and, coming into the final mark, it looked as though they might snatch the lead place on the water. However, they were a couple of lengths adrift at the line.

The leading Toppers sailing two laps were having an equally close contest, Julie Dunn crossing the line just 6 seconds ahead of Harry Binns with Hazel Newport and Izzie Hunter next up.

Fleet Handicap results reflected the on-the-water positions with the exception that Dave & Ken took first place from Joan & Jack.

On PH there were three Radials and two Toppers in the first five positions. Julie Tomkinson was classified first ahead of Jennie Dunn, Neil Garrison, Ethan Dawson and Harry Binns. Who says it was an evening for crewed three sail boats?!