Night Jar 8

The forecast was for a fair bit of wind and this was the likely reason for there only being ten competing boats. In fact it was only Force 3 Westerly with the occasional heavier gust. Race Officer Steve Sharpe set the beat 3 to 0 and the course 0-1-3-4 which gave two kite legs with a gybe at 1.

Neil & Judith Currie led from the off in their 400 with Dave & Lynn Lawson’s GP and Joan & Jack Hardie’s 200 in pursuit. But, as the race progressed and the wind strengthened marginally, the Fifteen of Eric Guillois / Chris Brookes moved forward eventually finishing in second place on the water.

Val & Ken Bell had dropped their GPs kite under the boat before the start which meant they were late away. Always the gentleman, Ken insisted that Val had nothing to do with the trawling. He rapidly re-rigged the sail but there was too much ground to catch up. So they retired to concentrate on the meal which included home made sausages plus a detailed explanation from Ken of their manufacture from “happy pig” to plate!

Latest results – PH, FH