Night Jar 9

Val had belatedly realised that she had double booked OD duty and preparing the meal. So she sent her crew to do the easy work on the Bates while she perspired in the Galley!

It was, again, a fine and warm evening and 22 competitors took to the water. The wind was force 3 at the start and mainly WNW so the beat was A-0 with the off wind legs 0-9-3-A.

John Reekie’s Skiff pulled away rapidly after the start followed by Phil Davenport’s 100 but the latter had a monumental broach under kite heading for 3 and was headed for a while by Joan & Jack Hardies 200. Next up were Mike Fairlamb / Eric Smith in their GP and Trevor Morton’s Dart 16.

With the Skiff on its fourth lap and the Toppers on their second, the wind was easing rapidly and flag S was raised at 35 minutes. Andy Sugden’s Streaker, Pam Bath’s Mirror and Jonathan Anson’s Laser, which were all well up the fleet, benefited the most. The Toppers led by Harry Binns and the remaining GP’s on their third lap had to continue round for a further 20 minutes or so to reach the line.

All were ready for yet another superb Thursday evening meal. One helm remarked that he only competed for the food on offer!