Night Jar B4

The final Thursday Evening Race enticed out eleven competitors including four trainees despite rainy and misty conditions. And what a race it was with five boats taking the lead on the water at various times. The start line was just out from 1 with competitors beating to 0 and wing legs to, and from, A.

At least it should have been a reach from A to 1 but the wind had swung 100 degrees making it a beat. Some boats were heading in the direction of 3 while others were pointing to N! The latter paid off and it was David Haselden in his Solo who was first over the line on the first lap. But his luck wasn’t to last as he inverted at 0 and the following boats bunched up while trying to manoeuvre around the obstruction in minimal wind.

The RS200 of Mike & Joan Cowan was first through on the next lap, trying to pull out a lead over the following three GP14’s and get a good result to add to their win in Race 2. But, with the wind swinging between SW and N, a top result depended on where you were on the water at any point in time. All the GP’s took the lead at various points before Mike and Joan regained it on lap 3 to be first across the line at the finish.

But, it seemed unlikely that the Cowans had built up enough of a lead to win the race on either Fleet or Personal Handicap. Results showed that, on the former they were third to Joan and Jack Hardie and Val and Ken Bell who finished in line astern. And these were the FH Series Results with the Hardies beating the Bells on Count back.

All boats finished in close proximity to one another and it was Jonathan Anson in his Laser who took a superb PH win from Val and Ken with Paul Clark in third place in his Streaker. The Winner’s Trophy for the Night Jar B Series on PH goes to Val Bell with a third and a second place in the two counting races.

In the trainees’ contest the Wayfarer of David Ferguson finished seventh ahead of the three Toppers with Rosie Hogg just inching out Jamie Kerr with Mario Yeomans close astern.

Mike Chappell

Final results – PH FH