November Series

Yes, it’s November. Sunday only racing on a personal handicap basis. For the first weekend, Steve Hunt and Ruth Critchley mastered the light winds, and despite having their handicap amended for the 2nd race (well doctored!), they secured two wins from Wendy Lewis in her RS200.

The November series continued last Sunday. As a result of being on a personal handicap basis it tends to be a bit of a lottery as to what the results will be! The day started with light winds which seemed as if they were freshening. The odd gust passed through, but not very often. The morning race was led by William and Lesley, but the handicap system resulted in it being won by Barry Lancaster with Martin Wright crewing.

The wind was lighter for the second race, and most of the fleet were finished after one lap, but the RS400 and RS200 had to completed two laps. With the wind filling in slightly, their average lap time improved and the race was won by Joan and Jack Hardie.

It may have been cold in and on the water, but William continued to sail in a shortie. Some traditions die hard