October Blown Away

With the forecast of gales, and rain, there was only a few sailors tempted to take to the water for the end of the October Series. With the gusts increasing, of those that took to the water, a couple returned to shore even before racing started, and of the four that started, surprisingly, Jim Christie gave up after the first beat!

One lap into the race and Dave/Lynn were still giving the two F15s a run for their money as they were only a matter of secs behind. Mike/Kayla did pull ahead and finished 1st, but were beaten by Dave/Lynn on handicap who capsized secs after finishing.

With the gusts still passing through, Mike/Kayla opted out of the 2nd race, and Dave/Lynn called it a day during the start sequence, leaving Tim/Ian to race alone. Fortunately for the, the OD shortened the race at the end of the 2nd beat.

Dave/Lynn were overall winners of the October Series on both personal and fleet handicap.

Final results (PH)

Sunday started windy, with occasional heavy downpours. Those that did turn up seemed more intent on moving their boats, and making them safe, rather than sailing. So Peter Ballard’s second OD duty of the year turned out like the first, with racing abandoned!

MJM/Asymmetric Cup Final Results

With the clock changed, and October at an end, there aren’t many races left, and they’re all scheduled for Sundays in November.

Bonfire night celebrations take place on Saturday 2nd. Please bring a large display firework. Hot snacks will be available.