Return of the Wind

After a couple of weeks with a lack of wind, the forecast for this weekend threatened to be the opposite with the potential for strong gusts to put many off even venturing out. Fortunately the general wind, and gusts, were toned down to provide some excellent, though challenging, sailing conditions.

Mike/Kayla and Ian/Lezli-Ann forced each other over the start line for the first race and had to return giving the other F15s a head start. Mike recovered, taking the lead and winning ahead of Tim/Martin, which was to be the same finishing order for the 2nd race too.

Scumper made the most of the winds pulling out a big lead in both races. In the first race Toggle was in capsize mode and slipped back down the fleet, meanwhile Banter was mastering his new RS100 and finished 2nd. In the 2nd race, it was Banter’s turn to practice his capsizes, and Toggle finished taking 2nd place.

On Sunday, as the wind strength increased and the number of boats sailing decreased. Despite delaying the start while Banter re-rigged his boat, he did not make the most of the opportunity. He capsized before the start, struggled up the first beat as he ferreted around in the bottom of his RS100, headed for the wrong mark, and spent another leg re-threading his gennaker downhaul, all of which meant new member Dave in his Solo trying to find his way around the course! As a consolation, Banter managed to make up all the lost ground and passed Dave on the final reach, but it was Dave that won on handicap.

In the F15s, Mike/Kayla were on top form and led the whole race with Ian/Lezli-Ann 2nd. Banter wasn’t the only person to have problems because AJ/Sue trawled their spinnaker at one stage…

Latest results

Afternoon lunch Herb realised that he could do with some practice at tying knots when a RIB drifted away! The final pennant race of the season took the fleet of four F15s and a Solo around the lake. With a gusting SW breeze, the notorious effects of Sale Fell were first noticeable as the fleet passed through the narrows at Scarness, and continued, on and off, until the boats were back in the main bay. Again Mike/Kayla led the fleet with Ian/Lezli-Ann 2nd. However, Dave had an excellent, though possibly frustrating, first sail around the lake finishing ahead of AJ/Sue on the water, and 2nd overall on handicap behind Mike/Kayla who won the Banana Stakes Trophy.

Kayla’s position as first female crew strengthened, and confirmed, her winning position in the Sandra’s Salver series after many years of trying!

Banana Stakes
Sandra’s Salver