Riding the White Horses

The weekend arrived with a forecast of showers, and strong, gusting winds. AJ needed to double check the wind conditions before choosing which boat in his fleet to sail. It didn’t take much persuasion to opt for his F15. Others in the F15 fleet saw the white horses on the far side of the lake and nervously opted to race. Although there were strong gusts passing through that covered most of the lake in white horses, the conditions remained challenging but sailable. AJ/Sue had to retire when a should plate pulled away from the hull, but without particularly damaging anything else. The remaining two boats, Ian/Lezli-Ann and Graham/Kayla, enjoyed some close racing with Graham winning the first race.

The only other fleet that ventured out was the handicap fleet, mainly comprising Vareos, and topped up with Steve in his Solo, and John in his RS400 (though he didn’t make the start) – the remaining five boats had all capsized before the start but persevered, enduring several more capsizes, and many great planes. Hugh needed to borrow some rope for a running repair to tie down his tack, and still finished. Tog had enough and retired in the second race.

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Sunday’s forecast was for increasing winds as the day went on, but it wasn’t to be. There was a good breeze, that freshened as the day went on, but it never reached the gusting levels endured on Saturday.

With Mike away for the weekend, and having burnt out Graham on Saturday, Kayla was keen to find a man for the day, well a helm to be precise! She managed to tempt Steve to have another go in a F15, and they showed Ian/Lezli-Ann a clean pair of heels in both races.

Toggle had the best start in the handicap fleet, and led through to the end, winning on handicap. With the race finishing at the race office, Ethan had to sail the full course, but it didn’t stop him finishing 2nd on handicap, despite a capsize, several seconds ahead of Banter.

Toggle quit while he was ahead, and opted not to sail in the pennant race. Banter was destined to finish just behind Ethan again as they sailed together in an RS200. Bridget, with her mind on organising the NSSA regatta, was keen to get the racing over as soon as possible so only sent the fleet as far as 10. As it turned out, Sale Fell took its toll on the conditions, and there were various holes in the wind to frustrate the sailors. Steve/Kayla made the best of the challenge and won, with Ian/Lezli-Ann 2nd.

This race counted towards Sandra’s Salver, and with another 1st under her belt, Kayla’s efforts in finding a helm was made all the more worthwhile as she continues to lead the series.

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