Sam’s Success

Are there any more of these double Ss I can play?!

Sam Hall came second in the latest round of NW Junior Traveller’s event held at Ullswater YC on Saturday

Soggy Sunday

As forecast, the day started damp and it didn’t get any better. With the wind swinging around Sale Fell, there were patches of wind on the lake before the start but it seemed to settle from the SW as racing started. However, one lap in and the wind backed to the south, resulting in a lack of a beat, especially for the asymmetrics on a windward leeward course!

The lack of a beat, and lightish winds, meant the fleets stayed together. Of course, as the race finished the wind filled in from the SW reinstating the beat that should have been there throughout the race.

Just to add to their sogginess, Mike and Kayla managed to fall off their F15 as they were coming ashore. Shame there wasn’t a camera handy…

The afternoon racing looked dire even as the fleet were heading for the start!. It didn’t seem to get a lot better, though the wind did fill in after one lap of drifting, but again the beat was not there. The Asymmetrics were tacking with their gennakers from one reach to the next on their ‘windward/leeward’ course.

The light conditions suited Joan and Jack Hardie in their RS200 rather than the Vareos. Scumper had a lie in/late start so Toggle was 2nd in the morning race, but Scumper beat Toggle in the afternoon race.

In the MJM Trophy, Mike and Eric won the morning race from Tim and Ian in a F15. In the afternoon race Alan Nicholson beat Mike and Kayla

Sunny Saturday

After a damp week the sun has reappeared. Football fever may have depleted the numbers today, but those that went out enjoyed mixed winds, which were shifting as the main wind direction fought with the sea breeze.

John and Jack Telford sailed in a Mirror and led the pursuit race from start to finish, although Mike Fairlamb and Eric Smith in a GP were closing the gap.

Scumper has bought into the Vareo fleet, and had some good racing with Hugh and Toggle.

Mike and Kayla again dominated Tim and Ian in the F15s, and thereby strengthened his lead in the Dodd Trophy. Similarly Mike and Eric beat Tim Knowles to consolidate his lead in the Mustard pot.

Although John Telford beat Mik in the Mirrors, Mik still leads the Albert Bates Trophy.

Rain forecast for tomorrow 🙁