Sam’s Success

Sam Hall was sailing at Coniston on Saturday where he secured a hat trick of wins and received a £15 prize.

Sunday Soaking

The wind seemed unexpectedly light when sailors turned up, but as the start time arrived, the wind picked up and the rain moved in – it was relentless until lunchtime. There were light patches, and William with Jo Watkins managed to find them on the single spinnaker reach of the course, but there were strong gusts from time to time too.

Although Neil Garrison in his Dart finished first on the water, it was Scumper in his Vareo that won on handicap from Jim Christie.

During lunch the wind freshened, and led to some more exciting reaches at times, but the shadow of Sale Fell still had its effect on racing and progress. William and Jo led the handicap, but they were beaten by Jim Christie in his Supernova on handicap. Scumper despite a couple of capsizes, held on to his position but was going to retire due to damage to his spinnaker pole, however he opted to wait for the shorten course signal. Little did he realise he would have to wait until the lead boat completed their lap some 10 mins later before the signal was sounded!

Although Mike beat Tim in the F15 fleet in both races, he did have to sneak past Tim in a lull going to mark 5 as Tim had mastered the first beat and gained a solid lead much to Mike’s dismay (or was it surprise?)