Saturday Sunshine

Some cooler autumnal airs, with blue skies as a backdrop, were the order of the day on Saturday. The winds proved to be variable in both strength, and direction, all afternoon.

Despite getting caught on the Bates’ anchor warp just after starting, Paul, with Evie and William crewing, in their Mirror beat Mik to the windward mark in the light conditions. The story goes that William helmed as Paul freed their spinnaker sheet from under the boat, Mik subsequently passed them, and held the lead to the finish.

The wind dropped during the start sequence of the second race, such that when AJ was starting in the GPs, and creating chaos as is often the case, there was still three late starters from the handicap fleet in his way, not that anyone did any turns…

Dave/Lynn won both races in the GPs, with Paul/Vicky, and Joan/Jack each securing a 2nd place. In the Handicap fleet, Stan won both races in his Solo, and Paul in a Laser two 2nds.

On Sunday morning the clouds rolled in, but brought no extra wind with them. While inspecting the beats, the OD noted two winds, the first from 5-9, the second from 4-1. How can that be possible? Relying on the 4-1 beat, a course was prepared but then the wind backed, seemingly settling on 4-0, so the course was adjusted, and racing got underway.

The wind did continue to have some big shifts to keep helms on their toes. To extend the race time slightly, the OD opted to finish at 0, but as the lead boats were on that final beat, the light patch around 0 quickly expanded over the full beat. Fortunately, after about 15 mins the wind filled in sufficiently to bring the rest of the fleet home.

Dave/Lynn secured another win from Joan/Jack to win the Autumn Cup, and Steve/Ruth won the Handicap race from Stan who won the Skiddaw Trophy, with Steve 2nd overall. Though not sailing, the F15 Dawson Trophy was won by Angus/Mike, and the slow handicap Bates Trophy by Mik.

Final DW results

The wind came and went over the lunch break, but never bedded in properly so the afternoon pennant race was cancelled.

Meanwhile several club sailors have been on the circuit and their results can be followed here
Mike Moore/kayla Sheard – Flying 15 Championship of Ireland, World Championship
Tony King – Solo Inland Championship
John Reekie – Musto Skiff Nationals

John Bracegirdle has been trying out his 360 camera…