September Storms

Saturday: Not a good forecast. Flood warnings. High gusting winds. Rain

The wild conditions in the morning were sufficient to postpone the taster session, but the Youth Squad duly turned up for their 1pm race. The five competitors all took to the water, and all capsized. The race was started twice, but eventually abandoned

As for the main racing, the weather remained uninviting, but 10 boats ventured out and braved the autumnal weather. Although William and Elaine put up a fight at times, Steve and Ruth took advantage of the gusts to get ahead, but kept giving William a chance by capsizing (was he trying to preserve his handicap?) albeit briefly.

Mark Ninnim and Rob Smith sailed well in their Enterprise and may have won all three races on personal handicap if they hadn’t capsized in the second race. It seems that Ian Macpherson was mastering the conditions and is in a good position in the series having secured a first and two seconds.

Tomorrow’s forecast for the conclusion of this six race series is less blustery and dry, but only time will tell what the conditions will actually be

Sunday seemed like a different day. The rain had passed through and the wind seemed so light that we were unlikely to get the chance of a plane. However, the wind was forecast to pick up a little. There were even patches of blue sky!

The final three races of the fleet challenge. How would things fare today?

The wind did come, but in fits and starts, occasionally planing conditions, but usually when boats were on the beat! Was the OD just looking the other way at the start as several boats thought they were over the line but there was no recall, so they got away with it.

Despite an adjustment of handicaps, the overnight leaders had sufficient standing to see them through the day, so congratulations go to Mark Ninnim and Rob Smith