September Sunshine

So the meteorologists think it’s now Autumn, just as well they didn’t tell the weather! A windless, sunny morning filled in for the afternoon racing, though with the wind from the SSW it couldn’t settle as to which side of Sale Fell to come from. Though a little shifty in the first race, the wind was so much less predictable in the second one with 45 degree shifts between boats just a few lengths apart. Ian/Lezliann in their F15 benefitted from one such shift helping them break away from Neil/Judith, though the continued shift almost turned a reach into a beat that threatened to rob Ian of his lead, but he held on until the about 5 boat lengths from the finish when he had to tack off and gave Neil the commanding position that won him the race. However, Ian/Lezliann had done well enough to win the Dawson Trophy.

The middle segment of the second race, despite the course being out of the shadow of Sale Fell, had the most unexpected shifts and hollow spots. Joan/Jack revel in such conditions and took the lead, but Dave/Lynn fought back taking their 2nd win of the day, and the Autumn Cup.

In the handicap fleet Steve/Ruth won both races in a Merlin Rocket, ahead of Jim in his Supernova in the 1st race, and Toggle/Joanie in their RS200 in the 2nd. Steve’s wins were just enough for him to win the Skiddaw Trophy from Joe.

No racing in the Mirror fleet so the MT Trophy goes to Jonathan/Henry.

The sun continued throughout Saturday afternoon.

Final DW results

Wind and rain was the forecast for Sunday, and it was partly correct with a good southerly, a heavy swell and some white horses. Again, there weren’t many that turned up to sail, but conditions did not put them off. There was a bit of hanging around waiting for Tog who had been delayed rodding drains! During that wait, the effects of Sale Fell were felt as far down as mark 3 with down draughts, flat spots and major shifts, and the race started on a tight fetch, though it did revert to a beat closer to windward mark 6. The Lasers had plenty of capsize practice, and both subsequently retired. Indeed Paul capsized so much he was eventually taken into the rescue boat, while AJ jumped aboard to sail the boat back to shore. It wasn’t long before he capsized too!

Toggle had gear failure on the start of his final lap and retired, leaving just three finishers, led by Stave/Ruth in a Merlin, then Dave/Lynn in a GP, positions which they held on handicap. Being the final race of the series, the results did not affect the overall results with Mike Fairlamb winning the Dodd Cup. The Blencathra Trophy for F15s was won by Ian/Lezliann, Mustard Pot for GPs won by AJ/Sue, and Mirror AB Cup by Bean/Oliver.

Final results BL etc

Although having enjoyed the challenges of the morning race, there was no enthusiasm for another race so it was another early finish. Despite the forecast, the rain contained itself to just a few spits and spots.

Though there’s one weekend series to go, finalising two series has shown that the Club Champions for this year have already been determined. Congratulations go to:

Flying 15s – Ian Campbell/Lezliann Pearson
Handicap – Mark Somerville
GP14s – Dave/Lynn Lawson
Mirrors – Phil/Oliver Smith

Latest Championship positions