Slow Sunday

An extra hour in bed did nothing in terms of allowing the wind to fill in – it was mirror-like!

The forecast was not for strong winds, so it may have been some time before we got a decision on when racing could start. Well, the wind filled in, the start boat went out, and the fleets followed. The wind kept swinging, the race started, and the wind died – 15 mins for the short first beat. The boats kept moving, but the OD did not risk sending them round for a second lap. That concluded the final championship series for the year – Mike and Kayla won the Dawson Trophy, Scumper the Skiddaw Trophy, Mike Fairlamb the Autumn Cup and Toddy the Bates Trophy (his first and only win of the season!)

Over lunch the wind settled in from the forecast NE direction, but would it still be there for the afternoon pennant race in aid of the Eric Twiname Trust? As you might have guessed by the time the fleet were on the water the wind had faded again! Racing did get underway in the bay, but the wind swung more to the south so the 1st beat was a fetch, and the next reach was a one sided beat followed by a tight reach for the third leg of the course. Elaine was suffering with back pain, so to defend her lead in Sandra’s Salver series for women crews in pennant races she was dosed with painkillers and winched into William’s boat! They did take an early lead from Ruth (helming!) and Steve but Scumper and Robbie D were not far away. After a couple of laps the wind died and the race shortened. Robbie D got through to the lead from William. On handicap Ruth won by 10 secs, with Scumper 2nd, and William 3rd. Elaine’s first position as a crew strengthened her lead and secured her winning position in Sandra’s Salver.