Slow Sunday

The Lakeland triathlon was held from the club on Saturday with over 300 competitors.

Just as well they set off in phases!

On Sunday it was back to the usual sailing programme. The morning started off with fantastic sunshine, and a breeze came in from the south east but, unfortunately, it was not going to stay that way. By the time the course was set, the sunshine was hiding, and the wind was started to fade (perhaps the wind turbines on Bothel blowing gently in a northerly air was significant!).

The two fleets set off in very light airs, and with no signs of it getting any better the OD opted to shorten racing at the first mark. Unfortunately for the asymmetric fleet, the Hardies in their RS200 picked up enough wind to fill their gennaker such that they beat the committee boat to the windward mark, so they had to sail two legs, compared to the MJM fleet just sailing one. Towards the end of the race, drizzle set in.

Steve/Elaine Hunt were the first to finish after approx 25 mins, beating Tim Knowles/Martin Statter by a couple of mins on handicap. Sue Watson opted to helm for a change, but retired in the light airs. Steve was keen to point out that he didn’t want mention of his venture into the reeds (nudge, nudge, wink, wink), but body language can be so difficult at times…

Sailing Sec Roy had a good port end start in the Asymmetric fleet, and persevered to secure a 3rd place on handicap behind the Hardies and Toggle.

The drizzle/rain continued over lunch, and the wind showed little sign of coming back, so with many sailors opting to pack their boats away, the afternoon race was cancelled.