Soggy Sunday

It was a little disconcerting to see two wind turbines on Moota turning in opposite directions!!! What would we be in for today? At least they were turning even if from the wrong direction! Did we speak too soon, as the wind quickly faded 🙁 Surprisingly by 12 the wind had filled in from the south west and racing was underway by 12.30. Bean and Naomi led most of the race, though William and Cristina did manage to get past them briefly, and went on to win the race

The afternoon race was the Jimmy Lancaster Memorial Trophy, traditionally sailed around the lake. Just before the start the rain was seen creeping across the lake. Herb and OD Matthew Page got togged up to protect themselves, then merrily hid in the cuddy knocking on the window and waving and those of us who were not so appropriately dressed! Despite the SW wind, the breeze was relatively steady and the boats were close hauled/fetched the full length of the leg from 5 to 12. As the lead boats sailed near St Bede’s church the water turned white with the rain beating down (or had we done something wrong?!!).There was a roar of thunder too but was all.

There wasn’t much beating on the way back either. Robbie D and Big E led the fleet and won the race on handicap from by a good margin from Tim Chittenden, having found a crew (Des Wright) for the afternoon race. Is Mike Moore just breaking in his new crew, Martin, gently at the moment?

The Youth Squad were out again, and giving OD Andy Smith a hard time asking for more challenging courses! Report to follow, but results can be found here

Saturday Sailing

A light breeze has filled the northern end of the lake, and it is tempting the fleet on to the water, but is it enough to get a couple of races in? Very muggy. 🙁 Would it thunder?!

Well there was enough wind to get the racing started, but just before the RS400s completed their first lap the wind started to fade and the race became a drifter. It may be some time before the race finishes! Having taken 24 mins for the first lap, the 400s took another 65 mins for the next! As they crossed the line the wind picked up, and following a bit of a breather the fleet went out for another race but in a good breeze. If the first race hadn’t taken so long no doubt everyone would have given up the ghost and went home missing the best breeze of the day