Summer is here! No

Well meteorlogical started today, with lots of sunshine, but the wind was not the OD’s best friend. It was slow to fill in, when it did, it shifted wildly, faded, and came back in from another direction, then continued to back to the west throughout the afternoon racing.

Banter/Rory in their RS200 managed to break away from the rest of the fleet before the wind died early in the first race, so the race was very brief as there was a concern that the remaining boats could take an eternity to finish. In the handicap fleet, Banter won with the Solos of Stan and Hugh finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. Oscar in his Tera won the slow handicap race, from Hannah/Zara in a Feva.

The next race looked promising, only for the wind to fade briefly at the start, then fill in, and swing so that there were no beats on the course! Not the conditions to do turns as Stan and Banter found to their cost. Rory won in his Solo, with Mike/Jack in a Graduate 2nd, and Hugh 3rd.

In the GPs, Val/Ken and James/Jenny each had a 1st and a 2nd.

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Sunday’s wind was just as challenging for the OD. The course was set to have two beats in slightly different directions, but the wind didn’t always play ball! Towards the end of the morning race the wind strengthened.

The wind held for the afternoon pursuit race held in the main bay, so there was much more sitting out required, with the occasional ducking (well for Chris in his 300 at least!)