Sunday Fun

The wind had eased by the time sailors arrived to race, but was picking up again as the boats were prepared. Was this a day for Bridget to launch her laser? Probably not. Apparently, Bridget thought she was going to have to pick up her boat from Wales until Ginge told her Torpenhow was just on the way top Carlisle!

The first bit of fun was watching Steve get hold of his main halyard (well trying). Just as well he had Sam Hall crewing – seemingly several feet taller, but no joy. So how about Sam and a tiller extension? That was still a struggle, but no joy. Sam, tiller extension and a jump? Yes, success. Unfortunately, Sam fell and dropped the halyard has he collapsed in pain. So it was back to Steve and Neil Garrison (two of the smallest men in the club (well apart from Mike Fairlamb, Ginge, ….). They must have been lucky because after a couple more near grabs they got the halyard. The time for all this – 5 mins! Will they manage to stay upright for as long?

Well there were four contenders for the fleet challenge – one from each fleet (almost – FF, RS400, Laser, and GP) so does that guarantee them all a prize? The wind did ease slightly, and the boats stayed upright for longer than expected – Big E being the only casualty (several times!). The OD shortened the course for Big E, but he was determined he had to sail the same number of laps as the rest of the fleet, so he did a lap of honour, with various capsizes, for no real reason! When the finishing times were adjusted on a personal handicap basis, Mike Moore’s handicap proved to be so beneficial that Big E had to beat him on the water to even have a chance of beating him on handicap!

Could there be more takers for the next race? Yes, there was. Not sure why, since the wind seemed to be almost as strong, if not stronger – Steve and Sam were capsized before the start! That wasn’t their lot – a further capsize on a reach followed by a final won with the gennaker before they finally retired. That gave Sam the opportunity to leave early and get in the queue at casualty for his ankle! Toggle had to be part of the action and duly capsized too (several times!), had to be helped by the rescue team, and then retired. Unusually, Dave and Lynn Lawson capsized too. Chris Denwood, a former member having decided to take sailing back up and rejoin the club, ventured out in his laser only to find how many parts of his body don’t seem to work as well as they did 20 years ago! Such is life. He did stay upright until coming ashore, but reckoned a capsize then was the easiest way to slow down!

The gluttons for punishment went out for the third and final race of the series, not that they need have bothered as Mike Moore’s beneficial handicap, although adjusted after each race, had worked to his advantage and he had won the series with two straight wins. Mike Fairlamb and Mike Cowan both capsized (at a guess Big E did too, but I’m not sure)

Ian Smith was possibly robbed of the series win, but there’s always next time 🙂 He came second overall

The Laser, Mirror and Handicap open is being held next weekend – 1st race 1300hrs. Also, this week sees the start of the Night Jar series held on Thursday evenings, all topped off with supper in the clubhouse afterwards