Sunday Update

The light winds from the south made things seem like there was a pleasant sail ahead. Although William and Elaine were able to pull away on the beat from the single handers, the single handers benefitted on the runs. However, after completing two laps in 40 mins OD Mike Moore let William sail on (as Alan Waugh in his mirror had just started his second lap) but shortly after the wind faded and it was to be another 50 mins before William completed the next lap. To be fair Mike made the rest of the handicap fleet endure the conditions, but it was to be the lasers that gained with Robbie D coming in just 5 mins after William to take first overall

The wind faded through the lunch break but did fill in from the SW. Due to the light winds the Banana Stakes pennant race was just sailed down to mark 10 and back. A shadow on the lake around 7 bunched the fleet up on the way down the lake. William in an RS400, Rory in a Vareo and Val in a GP were the three lead boats that broke away. With the race being calculated on a personal handicap basis, it was Val that won, followed by Rory then William. Mik Chappell came in a notable 4th overall