The End is Nigh

The final two races counting towards the 2011 club championship were scheduled for Saturday. The forecast winds were similar to those forecast last week – the exception being that the forecast seemed more realistic winds winds in the high teens mph gusting high 30s mph!

Ruth opted to put her foot down before the boat was even uncovered, though having seen the conditions, Steve was mutually agreeable to going on rescue duty instead of sailing.

A bit like Noah’s Ark, the fleets got ready in pairs – Two F15s, two Supernovas and two Vareos. Even before the starting sequence got underway the F15s were heading back to shore, Ian/Lexli-Ann due to the ferocious gusts, and Ian Macpherson/Elaine Fairlamb due to gear failure. That left Jim Christie and Peter Ballard raring to go, though both had several capsizes before the start. The Vareos were more cautious, and only Scumper opted to take to the water as the starting sequence was underway. Peter took an early lead, but Scumper did work his way past, and despite various capsizes made his way through to the finish. The Supernovas were flattened by various squally gusts and eventually retired.

Herb’s quote of the day was ‘at least it’s kept dry’ – well it was true up to that point in time and then the drizzle came through and soaked everyone before the last boat was retrieved.

Not even Jim seemed keen to venture out for another race, so the series came to an early conclusion with Joan/Jack Hardie holding on to their winning position despite not sailing!

The wind was forecast to ease a little for Sunday’s final races in the MJM/Asymmetric Cup, and it did! With a brighter day, there was a much better turnout of a dozen boats.

With some stronger gusts at times, most (well Neil survived) of the single handers were caught out at some point, especially on the various gybe marks.

In the Asymmetrc Cup only Scumper and Banter Phil were contending, they each capsized from time to time, but Scumper took another two wins and strengthened his lead in the series, with Toggle finishing 2nd and Phil 3rd overall.

As Mike/Eric were tussling with Lasers most of the race, first Tom Gosden, and then Ian Macpherson, Mike won overall in the morning race, with Ian 2nd, and Ethan Dawson in his Topper a strong 3rd. Peter Ballard and Jim Christie were again duelling, with Jim taking a defensive covering action at one stage, only for Peter to pass beneath him, then Jim got caught in irons as he tacked away for clear airs. By the time he was moving properly again, Peter was well out of sight!

In the afternoon, Val/Ken took an early lead but flying their spinnaker on the bottom reach proved to be their downfall, as Mike/Eric thought better of it and were able to sail through to the lead to windward.

Though Tom beat Ian on the water this time, on handicap, Mike/Eric secured another win.

Overall, Mike/Kayla kept the lead in the series with Peter 2nd.

With these races over, the year’s list of prize winners is being compiled in time for the the annual prize giving dinner dance in November.