Tinker Trophy

The Tinker fleet returned for their annual visit and enjoyed F3-4 westerly winds on a mild, and overcast day, with some sunny spells.

The gusts caused a couple of capsizes, and there was some minor gear failures, but racing was good and competitive.

Club racing for the weekend comprises a handicap series of four races. As with the Tinkers, the six club boats had hard, but great, sailing conditions, on a course which encompassed all points of sailing, and numerous opportunities to plane.

Steve/Ruth in a Merlin led both races, but Dave L in a Laser Radial, gave them a run for their money. AJ/Sue were revelling after their recent success, understood to a championship of the universe (or some near equivalent), and were merrily chuntering most of the way round the course!

Sunday was a different kettle of fish. A lack of wind initially, started to fill in from the west, veered to the north (coincidentally the Bothel turbines seemed settled to the north too), so a line was set. As the fleet came out, the wind backed to the west, though the turbines held their indicative north direction. The line was moved, a course with a westerly beat set, race started, then the wind veered to the north!….

Perhaps unexpectedly, Nigel/Glenys took the lead, and definitely unexpectedly, held it for the second and final lap to win the race both on the water, and on handicap.

Due to the light wind, there was a lunch break, but with no sign of the wind returning, racing was cancelled for the rest of the day.

Dave Lawson won overall, with AJ/Sue second

Final results