Transom Trophy

An opportunity to use some spare camping days, resulted in a good turnout for another weekend series, especially in the slow handicap fleet with many of the Cadet squad racing.

Saturday was overcast, with a light, variable, breeze from the south, with variable being the operative word! Although the wind held for most of the first race, by the time the next race was about to start, it had eased and swung to the south west, so the start line was quickly moved and a tight triangular course set. The light wind faded even more at times, just what you need when the drizzle turned to rain for a while! At the end of the first lap, despite little sign of wind on the water, the leaders were moving relatively quickly through the water, so they continued on another lap. The leaders completed the lap in approx 20 minutes, but the bulk were affected by the wind dying until it veered more to the north.

Well done especially to those that persevered to finish, even if their total race time was only an hour!

Sunday started with mirror conditions, with the occasional zephyr disturbing the water. Only when some rain moved in did any wind appear! Racing got underway an hour late but there was wind, quite healthy at times, but the rain showers were persistent…

During the lunch break the rain disappeared, leaving some of the best sailing conditions of the weekend, especially as the sun broke through the clouds too!

In the F15s, there had been different winners in each of the first three races, though Ian/Lezliann were in a strong position with a 1st and two 2nds, another 1st in race 4 secured them the Transom Trophy, with Graham/John 2nd, so the F15 fleet opted to call it a day.

The handicap fleet had two main contenders for the Comet Trophy, and winning the last race meant the honours went to Matthew/Oliver in a 2000, with Chris/Chloe in a Graduate 2nd.

Val/Ken won the Stables Prize in the GPs with four wins. Although a birthday party prevented AJ/Sue racing on Saturday, they finished the series with a net 10 points to finish 2nd overall. Perhaps, if James/Jenny had braved the damp morning race they would have gained an extra place to beat AJ/Sue?

With no racing in the slow handicap fleet on Sunday, Bean/Lucy’s two 1sts in a Mirror on Saturday won them the Singlehanded Trophy, with Henry in a Tera 2nd

Final results