Weather window

For the second week in a row, the weather changed in favour of some pleasant sailing. Although light, the day was dry and tempted twelve boats on to the water for the morning race, but a couple dropped out of the afternoon race. Wind was ultra flukey at 9 and Alan Nicholson, Jim Christie and Jo Watkins in close company all had big moments there on first lap. They didn’t heed the warning and Alan crashed in on lap 2. Jim was just behind, got prepared for the shift, and was thrown in the other way! He continued, but Alan was in the mud (again!) and needed rescue to extract his Solo.

With another first in the bag due to beating Mike Fairlamb and Eric Smith in their GP, and now having sufficient races to qualify, Joan and Jack Hardie in an RS200 have taken the lead on the fleet handicap series from Jim Christie in his Laser, who still leads the personal handicap series. Tim Knowles in a GP won the afternoon race from Alan Waugh in his Mirror.

Good to see Steve Hannah back on the Lake after a good few years out – trying out a FF with Martyn Stephenson at the helm.