Weekend Roundup

‘‘Twas the weekend before Bass Week. The heatwave is but a memory, and the schools have finished for Summer. The clouds have moved in, and there are plenty of white horses on the lake due to a southerly F3-4.

In the first race of the weekend series, there were nine starters split across the handicap and GP fleets. Though Ian in his Solo decided one lap was enough, the others all finished without capsizing. Banter/Oscar in a RS200 lost their lead to Joe when they rounded the final mark of the first lap the wrong way, and had to unwind their mistake.

Banter was a little early on the start of race 2, squeezed off the port end of the line, and had to gybe round, capsizing in the process!

In the GPs Dave/Lynn won both races, with Val/Ken 2nd, while it was Alex/Saskia in a Mirror that won both races from Zefer in a Laser on handicap (just 13 secs apart in race 1).

The blustery forecast of F4 gusting 6 for Sunday didn’t look too daunting from the shore, so the main three contenders in the handicap fleet opted to race! Despite the wind freshening, all three stayed out and completed the course. Banter/Oscar and Joe both capsized during the race, and Alex/Saskia capsized on their way back to shore.

With no appetite for more racing, the series was complete. Alex/Saskia won with three bullets, Joe 2nd overall, and Banter/Oscar 3rd

Final results