Weekend Series

Saturday – What a glorious day for sailing – T-shirt, shorts and sun cream (well for William at least), though there seemed to be a multitude of capsizes including the Commodore.

With the wind coming in a SSW direction over Sale Fell, the shifts were challenging as the down draughts hit the water. In the mirrors, Mik may have secured two wins, but the OD said there was only a coat of paint between them when they finished the 2nd race. Scumper didn’t have good day – First race spent pulling Zefer’s car off precipice; in rush for 2nd race realised that kite not rigged and ended up late for start. Roy wished he’d carried out his planned maintenance because the toe straps that he’s had since before Bass Week now need fitted! Robbie D, with Ginger Phil crewing, was in overnight lead for the handicap series from William and Lesley, each having a 1st & 2nd to count

The OD complained that there were no instructions on how to lay an anchor! Oh how Herb is missed on his days off!

Many had been forecasting force 8 gales for Sunday – but remember Bass has its own micro climate, and though windy it was sailable. With the wind coming over Sale Fell again, the OD took pity on the sailors and thought he’d let them have a breather as they drifted in its shadow working their way from 0 to 8!

Kayla was back on the water after many months recuperating from a back injury. But jumping into a F15 with Mike was challenging for her – spinnaker poles, finding sheets, gybing poles all left her somewhat confussled!

A spectacular reach by William and Ruth before the start almost ended in disaster when they had to avoid Mike Moore (Mike effect #1), but luffing up led to an equally spectacular high speed capsize and the loss of another burgee!

The afternoon course was set in the wind! Hard beats but some excellent runs/reaches down (5mins up, 3mins down). On the startline it seemed as if there’d been a massacre (well small one!) with Toggle and Big E capsizing on the start signal. For some reason Big E thought Robbie D (with Sam Hall) was to blame. Toggle had caught his pole on Mike’s horse (Mike effect #2). Scumper and Zefer took the lead and kept on going, William and Ruth struggled to shake off Robbie and Mike, but did eventually get some good offwind legs in to pull away somewhat. Following one gybe trying to avoid giving Mike water at a mark, Robbie went for a spectacular capsize (Mike effect #3 – hatrick!!!) marginally less impressive than William’s (according to Mike). Despite going turtle, Robbie recovered, sailed on and finished 3rd on handicap. This made no difference to his overall position of 1st having won the series with 2 1sts and a 2nd.