Weekend Series 26/27 June

Another glorious day for sailing, but the morning wind had faded at lunchtime. Before afternoon racing started the wind came back from the south only to be counteracted by a SW sea breeze 15 mins into racing!

Toggle must have still been hyped up after his weekend jaunt to Nothampton because he got into two tussles on the start line, both of which he should have had to turns for!. However Steve Hunt wasn’t going to let him away a third time and Toggle had to do a 720 after colliding with Steve’s boom coming into a mark.

The change of wind direction meant that Sale Fell had its typical effect on certain parts of the course and resulted in moving holes that split the fleet up a bit in the first race and compacted it in the second!

In the handicap fleet, Steve and Ruth in a Merlin Rocket beat Robbie D and Big E in an RS400 in the first race, while Robbie D beat Scumper, sailing his Vareo, in the second race.

Tim Knowles and Pete Bowmer each shared a win in the GP fleet, while Mik Chappell took two wins in the Mirrors.

On Sunday the wind was stronger, blustery, and still from the SW and the course area was again taken through the shadow of Sale Fell. There were numerous capsizes during the day, and as the Official Starter was keen to watch the England match, the two races were relatively short, and sailed without a break for lunch!

The handicap fleet had another two winners – Dave Lawson, sailing Val’s Solo, in the 1st race and Scumper in the 2nd. However, Robbie D won overall.

Tim Knowles beat his competition into the ground (well they both retired!), and that was enough to win him the series with two 1sts.

No Mirrors sailed so overnight leader Mik Chappell won the series.