What a difference a day makes!

A bit of wind (well a lot!) topped up with rain was enough to put off all helms other than Jim Christie on Saturday. However, stand in OD Robbie D made an early call to cancel racing for the day.

Sunday has started with a glorious morning, and the wind started to fill in, with the hope that it would continue to do so up to the forecast 10mph

The wind did fill in a little more, but unexpectedly it came from the NW, so the start line was adjusted and the course set. However, as the race went on the wind swung more to the south resulting in more of a fetch expecially for the asymmetric fleet which were sailing a windward leeward course! Rory Yardley in his Vareo took best advantage of the conditions to win the morning race from Jack and Joan Hardie in their RS200 by a couple of secs/lap. Mike Moore and Ian Macpherson in a F15 beat Tim Knowles and Martin Statter in a GP by a good margin to win the MJM morning race.

The only tales to tell were during the afternoon race. First of all Roy Blackburn’s had a slight problem with his new acquisition of a Vareo when the main sail came down. Secondly, Alan Nicholson had a prolonged capsize after getting his mast in the mud. Results were again close in the afternoon but this time Robbie D and Big E in an RS400 beat Rory in his Vareo and won the Asymmetric Cup. Mike Moore again beat Tim Knowles but by just 4 secs/lap and secured the MJM Trophy.

The big question is whether the Times and Star story about Ken and Val winning the Tinker Trophy will stick – should we now know them as the Tinker Bells?!

At The GP Inlands at Derwent Reservoir Dave and Lynn Lawson finished 12th, with Rich and Phil Hodgkins finishing 13th