Where She Blows, NOBODY Knows!

Unexpectedly the day started with drizzle, wind and it was cold!

Although the forecast wind was from the E, there was a good SE breeze. A starboard biased start line caused a bunching of boats, and three boats to be over the line at the start of the race. William heard the word ‘General’ from the start boat, heard a sound signal, saw a flag raised and tacked off expecting a general recall. However, it was just an individual recall, but going up the right hand side of the course, along with Alex in his new RS200, proved beneficial and he had a good lead going into the windward mark.  The next legs had some good planing conditions and the gap increased. Next time round the windward mark he trawled his gennaker and by the time it was recovered Scumper and Neil/Judith were on his tail. The wind was starting to swing to its forecast direction (sort of), and there were plenty of lulls to contend with going into, and coming out of, mark 4. William/Lezli-Ann got a gust of wind, raised the gennaker, and broke away gaining a 10min lead on one leg. Of course, the wind filled in from the NE, and most of the lead was wiped out! They did stay in the lead, but there was a bunch of boats on his tail at the finish. On handicap, Robin/Ethan won, with Scumper 2nd, and Alex/Olivia 3rd.

As boats wallowed before the final race, Robbie D confidently told Herb that the wind was filling in. He got a flying start and led until halfway towards the 2nd mark. Despite the OD using A to avoid the wind shadow of the shore, the wind started to spin from numerous directions. The fleet behind had the wind and there was a crowd of boats at the mark. On the next leg, the wind continued, Robbie D was dumped as William and Scumper got the wind. Of course, he came back! On the next leg Scumper went right, only to find the William and Robbie D on a massive lift. Was he dead in the water this time? No way, the two lead boats again wallowed after rounding the windward mark, and Scumper was back in it, only for the fleet to again come down on wind. This time Banter Phil and Toggle took advantage and powered towards the front, leaving Scumper behind. Payback – Scumper may have sent son Matthew to sabotage Phil’s boat as he de-rigged it! William was so close on Toggle’s tail on the start of the next beat that he knocked Tog’s rudder trying to avoid him! Payback – William opted to get Tog’s trailer at the end of the race!

Scumper was not beaten, and he went on to win the race on the water and on handicap, with Robin/Ethan 2nd, and Tog 3rd. Scumper won the Isel Cup with three firsts, and Big E beat Mike/Kayla getting 2nd place, on equal points, but with the better result in the last race.

In the GPs, Mike/Eric sailed consistently to secure three wins and the Commodore’s Prize, with Val/Ken runners up in each race and the series