Which Wind Would Win?

After some heavy morning rain, the day dried up and a SW breeze was the order of the day (well for the morning at least!). The winds tended to gust through all day and there were some good reaches if you were in the right place at the right time.

In the handicap fleet Bean and Naomi generally remained in the right place for the wind and secured wins on handicap in both races (flying their gennaker on the beat in the afternoon race may have proved to be something of an advantage!). Neil and Judith held off William and Elaine in the morning race, finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively. The gusts had proved a little too much for Judith so they opted out of the afternoon race which seemed as if the SW wind would be strengthened by a sea breeze. However, a good wind from the S fought with the SW breeze through most of the afternoon race leading to some testing conditions. The changing wind had enabled William to break away, but it also brought Bean back(!), together with Mike Moore and Martyn Stephenson in a F15, leaving William in 3rd position again.

Joe Watkins tried his hand in Joan Hardie’s RS200 while she had a go in his Byte (and he beat her!). Dave Wright came a cropper whilst gybing at 1, and subsequently retired.

In the GPs, Mike Turner and Sue Watson secured a good win from Katherine Davis, but neither sailed in the afternoon.

In the Mirrors, Alan Waugh had to fight back in both races to win from Nick Orton.

Various sailors have been playing away from home this weekend – four boats went to Ullswater to compete in the annual Lord Birkett two race series around the lake, 205 boats, and our lads came 25th (Robbie D and Big E), 26th (Scumper and Zefer), 69th (Andy and Rob Smith) and 92nd (Toggle). Full results

Others went to Llandudno for the GP14 National Championships being held over three days – well so I thought. In fact Phil Hodgkins sailed in Ginge and Jose’s boat under the Derwent Reservoir burgee! He finished 27th out of 53 boats (just the wrong side of halfway 🙁 ) Final results

Results eventually posted on websites! Stick with Bass for up to date results 🙂