Whit Bank Holiday

Saturday was sunny, warm, but blustery and only a few hardy sailors were planning to sail (or was that swim in Alastair’s case?). However, within 15 mins of the start time the wind suddenly eased as it fought with itself coming from multiple directions, and there was 15 boats quickly rigging and launching. Relying on the forecast easterly being the predominant direction, a line was set and racing got underway with a reaching start! Of the seven legs in the course, boats were beating on at least six… There was one capsize, not Alastair, and a few retirements, but at least it wasn’t a blow out as it originally  seemed it might be. In the end Dave Lawson in his Laser won by 3 secs ahead of John Reekie in a Solo.

The wind settled more to the north for the second race, though it did swing yet again. On handicap, Scumper won with John Reekie 2nd. In the Mirrors, Jonathan/Henry won both races from Paul/Emily.

A challenging afternoon for OD and sailors alike.

MG series latest results

Sunday started off windier than Saturday, with the wind whistling through the rigging. The only likely sailing seemed to that of some exhibition windsurfing by John Reekie, but as on Saturday, the white horses faded as the wind eased, and there was sufficient interest to get racing underway with eight boats. The wind was variable again, and many sailors found it annoyingly frustrating, but there were many exciting gusts, and not too many capsizes.


After lunch a few more boats took to the water, but a squall on the start line caused some minor mayhem with two boats capsizing.

Zefer was overnight leader in the Handicap fleet, 1 pt ahead of Alex/Olivia, while Dave/Ken led the GPs being the only finisher in their race.

Bank holiday Monday was another glorious day and the first day the cadets could get afloat in a fleet of Teras and Optimists

With more reasonable winds which initially came from the south east the OD sent the fleet down to mark 7 at Scarness, the only downside being that the wind swung more to the east on the final lap causing a shadow on the eastern shore, slowing down the race pace with some boats taking almost 90 mins to finish the morning race.

The final race of the weekend series had more shifty winds, variable in strength too, but there were no capsizes, and two notable finishers in the slow handicap fleet of Matthew Somerville and Henry Bullen who were both sailing Teras.

Scumper won both races, but it was Alex/Olivia that won the Isel Cup series with a 2nd, beating Zefer by 2 pts. Dave/Lynn won both races in the GPs to winthe Commodore’s Prize with Mike/Sally 2nd.

Bean/Oliver won both races in the Slow Handicap fleet, but Paul’s finish on Sunday won him the Orsova Cup

Final results