Winter Draws On

With a bitter NE wind, perhaps the heading should have been Winter drawers on! However, the forecast gusty wind did not materialise and there was a gentle force 1-2. There were only four takers for the first race. Bob Gate was keen to get back on the water after several weeks off, but didn’t get off to a good start when he was stuck in the reeds. Although, he was fully expecting to be going for a swim but it was not to be in the lighter winds, however, it didn’t stop Tim Chittenden falling out of the boat which helped Mike Fairlamb in his Streaker stay close enough to win on fleet and personal handicap, with Tony King in his Solo 2nd.

The sailors were feeling the effects of the cold weather and opted to have a break for lunch. The wind was similar for the 2nd race, but a light shower did nothing to make anyone feel any warmer! Mike took another win in the fleet handicap and Paul Gannon won on personal handicap, with Tony 2nd in both series.

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