Winter is (almost) here!

Okay, so Winter may not have arrived yet (although snow was spotted on the side of the A66 this morning), but the temperature has dropped significantly over the course of the week, and the Winter Series started today.

The overnight winds, and forecast, cast a shadow on the likelihood of racing getting underway, but surprisingly the wind had abated sufficiently to tempt out a small fleet of just three boats.

Jim C, back to fighting fitness, was well positioned on the start line, but not quite close enough to the starboard pin to squeeze Mike/Kayla out. Mike soon got clear ahead sufficiently to win on both fleet and personal handicap, with Jim 2nd on fleet handicap, and Peter 2nd on personal handicap.

In the cold weather, sailors were happy to sail both races back to back, and a couple of Toppers joined in too. Jim positioned himself better on the start line, and Mike opted to duck between the Supernovas, but soon took the lead and the race on both personal and fleet basis, with Jim 2nd. The Toppers took the race less seriously, with Ethan giving what seemed like some personal coaching (no it wasn’t a girl helming the other boat [this time]). After several capsizes, deliberate, or otherwise, they both retired.