Would you believe it?

A wet and windy forecast but some hardy sailors still turned up, though they were surprised to find any wind at all as Bass seemed to be enjoying its own micro climate compared to nearby villages where there was rain but no wind.

After some umming and arrhhing, three helms decided to sail – Jim Christie, Peter Ballard and Neil Garrison. Then as the wind increased, Neil Garrison changed his mind. While watching the boats get ready the wind quickly eased and Neil opted to sail. Although he was on the water by the 3 minute signal, it took him over ten mins to cross the start line between the race office and zero! The wind eased, and swung, and by the third and final leg back to zero boats were beating. The November series is sailed on a fleet and personal handicap basis, but the distances between each boat meant the results were the same as the finishing order.

After a short lunch break, the terrible trio were eager for more. Again within minutes of launching the weather started to change as the wind started to fill in from the West.

As there was a shore based start, the boats started on a broad reach with a gybe at the first mark, at which point Jim and Peter each capsized! They righted and continued but as they reached the leeward mark the gusty conditions caught all three boats out and they capsized. OD Toggle was all for abandoning racing, but opted to allow the race to be shortened at the end of the first lap – Jim and Peter made it to the finish. Toggle did double check with the rescue boat whether Neil had retired although it was a little obvious by the fact that he was being towed, had taken his main down, and in the process of dropping his jib!

The handicap results matched the finishing order, so Jim leads with two firsts.