Surprisingly (or perhaps not too surprising for our micro climate) the winds, and gusts were not as strong as the forecast and so another two races were sailed in the Asymmetric Cup and MJM Trophy.

Before the first race Neil Garrison demonstrated a taste of things to come by capsizing his Dart, and after another capsize halfway through the first lap Neil retired. Mike/Kayla revelled in the heavier winds leading the rest of the fleet with Ian/Lezli-Ann trying their best to give chase, while Tim/Ian tried their best to stay upright (they almost succeeded!). All other finishers were slowed by various capsizes in the blustery conditions, but recognition again goes to Ethan Dawson for opting to sail, and finishing, a second lap after suffering several capsizes.

In the afternoon race, gusts were not so vicious quite so often, but there were still various capsizes. Ian got a brilliant starboard end start, but Mike took the lead by the end of the first beat. At the other end of the spectrum, Jim Christie had the worst start, getting into irons but staying upright helped him work his way back through the fleet finishing 4th on handicap behind the F15s. Peter Ballard got his mast in the mud for a while and finally managed to limp across the finish line due to a problem with his mainsheet.

There was just Scumper and Toggle in the Asymmetric Cup, and each had their fair share of capsizes, but Scumper mastered the conditions and took another two wins strengthening his lead in the series.

As for the heading yawwwn – I’m sure they’ll all sleep well after a hard day’s racing!