New Addition!

Congratulations to Mike and Elaine Fairlamb on their new arrival – a GP14 of course!

Saturday sailors benefited from bright sunshine whilst racing in a breeze that eased as the race went on. The wind continued to fade as the boats made their way ashore until the lake was mirror like, and the OD decided to abandon racing for the rest of the day.… Read full article “New Addition!”

Wind of Change

Mark and Andy - Safety gear is paramount!Saturday started off with so much winfd (not a spelling mistake!) that no-one was prepared to take their own boats out. However, it didn’t stop the younger generation (and Toggle) from trialling out the alternate BSC (Bathenswaite Swimming Club). With the aid of £25k worth of boats the, intrepid swimmers were rapidly taken out to the centre of the performance arena – but some couldn’t wait and demonstrated the backward somersault water entry technique, allowing their craft to carry on sailing unaided for several yards.… Read full article “Wind of Change”

Bridget Plays Away!

Yes Bridget was playing away and flying the Bass burgee at Annandale this weekend (but, of course, it was with Ginge). Ok so the weather frightened off many competitors, and those that did compete didn’t try more than once. But Ginge knew Bridget was in the mood and he went out for all he could get, but it was worth it as they managed to stay upright all the time, and came away with the winners trophy.… Read full article “Bridget Plays Away!”