Weekend report (Courtesy of Rhonwen)

Saturday saw some very fickle winds – strong one minute, nothing the next.  Three GPs and two handicap boats made it to the start line, which was in light winds, but half way up the first beat the gales hit.  In the GP fleet, Dave Nicholson made an excellent start and was in the lead for a while before Mike Fairlamb took the lead with Hugh Godfrey close behind. 
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Back to Front in More Ways Than One

Saturday’s racing started in muggy conditions with a light southerly breeze. Stand in starter Adrian (initially) opted to moor the committee boat downwind of the starboard end of the line – was there something he knew that the sailors didn’t? Well, by the end of the first lap the wind started to veer to the south west such that gennikers were deployed on the second ‘beat’, and by the end of the second lap the original beat had turned into a dead run.… Read full article “Back to Front in More Ways Than One”